Wednesday, November 7, 2012

He Can Make A Perfect Heart

Where to begin.... Over the last month the Lord has taken me  through what has almost felt like an obstacle coarse. I committed to pray and do a partial fast for 37 days leading up to the election. Now the fasting part was not as big a deal as I thought it would be, but the onslaught was crazy. Never have I felt so out of control in my life. My children lost their minds, I was constantly on the brink of meltdown, Mick and fought more than we have in years.  After having gone through that and still remained faithful to stick to it I will be honest, I felt betrayed by God last night. I could not believe that my friends and I had followed through with our commitment and God still allowed our white house to fall into the lap of a man who stands against everything I am grounded in and supports everything that I am against. How could this happen??!

It could happen because we are a nation that has become blinded. I have so many friends and family whom I love deeply who have extreme liberal ideas and beliefs. The thought of abortion being outlawed throws them into a panic because, "Women have to have reproductive rights." They go into a tail spin  about a bird being displaced, but the idea of a child being partially born and then then killed is OK....I have a point... They are not bad or evil people. In fact are some of the most precious and generous people I know. They are people who I love deeply and have supported me in times of dire straights... so how could they treat me with such grace and compassion and yet have such sickening look at politics and  the value of life in general? Because they have been blinded. I'm not saying that I see the light completely, but I do seek the kingdom.  I know that if I seek the kingdom ALL these things shall be added unto me...

At least that is what I have told myself.  I have told myself that I could skirt around the issues and as long as I was seeking ...I was good.  That is simply not the case. I was amazed at how quickly venom shot out of my mouth and through my fingers as I wrote responses last night to election finals. How easy it was for me to through the "F" bomb around talking to Mick about how stupid our country was and " What kind of idiots are voting?" .....Now I have had to swallow more pride than I would even like to think about an apologize to him and others of how I ranted. How easy it was to fall off of grace, forget about faith, and dive head first off the cliff of despair. I mean WOW!!! Did I forget that His word tells us???

 "Let every person be loyally subject to the governing (civil) authorities. For there is no authority except from God [by His permission, His sanction], and those that exist do so by God’s appointment." Romans 13:1

I found myself going through the last two years in my mind and He reminded me that He is all that matters...Storms rage, kingdoms fall, but He is constant. How many times does he have to tell me. How many times does He have to show me before I really get it? I wish I knew. I wish there was a switch I could flick and then it would be what it is.  I can look over things for the last two years and see that even though we could not possibly see how God could make something good out of it....He did. He made beauty from ashes. 

He has reminded many times over the last two days that He is more than able to look into the hearts of His people. He is able to change everything with the very breath from His mouth and through it all....He can make a perfect heart.  It may not be easy. In fact the journey will most certainly be difficult.  We will have struggles, but we MUST know and remember that this journey is not about us. It is about the families that have yet to be touched by His mercy. 

So my fellow Christian brothers and sisters here we are. We have a call and choice to make. We have to make the choice to fulfill our responsibility to our nation. We are called to cover our president and ALL our leaders in prayer. There is no heart so hardened or life so very turned that He can not change it, mold it, and create the perfect heart. Pray for our leaders. Submit yourself daily to asking His intervention on our behalf. Our God is able.

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